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Winter Season Zwifting

On a weekly basis, we are planning the following workouts: Monday -- 5:45 am MST > Strength-Focused Workout Wednesday -- 5:45 am MST > Interval-Focused Workout Saturday -- 7:00 am MST > Progression-Focused Workout with some Interval Work Note: For the workouts, the TT bikes don't draft, so on Monday and Wednesday, please use the Zwift TT Bike and Saturday, the Zwift Road Bike.

To participate, please be sure to: 1) Add the "Zwift Companion" App 2) Join the "Club" I created -- "BYE BEAST ZWIFTERS" 3) Follow everyone that is in the Club so that we can do "Meet-ups" 4) When setting up group rides: -- Do them as "Meet-ups" as it allows you to select "Everyone Stay Together" which will allow you to ride as hard as you want, but the game keeps you with the Pack of people. -- For weekday rides, please use the TT Bike as it doesn't draft. Allows you to be more accurate with your power output and not have it disrupted by a Draft -- Don't use ERG mode -- For communication, on Zwift, you can write messages which pop-up on the right side by your name. However, the organizer texts pop up in big letters in the middle, so I do encourage the Organizer of the Meet-up to let folks know what the workout is. -- For communicating with voice, Discord works well. It is super easy (barely an inconvenience) to create a server and set-up an event on your server to send out to people, so folks can talk to each other.

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