I’m a former D1 swimmer, usually on or near the overall podium at local races; but, at the larger regional/national races, as I am a time crunched athlete with a young child, I’ve never been able to maximize my full potential on the bike.  Therefore, in preparation for the 2021 tri season, I decided to let John take over my cycling workouts for me.  Immediately, the workouts  pushed me out of my comfort zone on the bike; but, in a good way.  The workouts were tough, but still manageable given the swimming and running I needed to do in parallel.  He effectively pushed me to my limits, but didn't destroy me in the process.  I quickly began to see power numbers I have never been able to achieve or sustain.  My FTP jumped within 8 weeks and my bike fitness is more robust than it's ever been.  What most surprised me is that all of this is happening without the crazy hours I believed I needed to be doing on the bike each week.  The training is time efficient and very productive.  Trainer rides are engaging with Zwift racing or very structured intervals and outdoor rides have very specific goals and structure.  John’s feedback is always encouraging, timely, and honest.  I look forward to racing this year with my new bike legs and cycling confidence thanks to his coaching!

Jennifer Finotti-Sheppard - California (F40-44)

I'm relatively new to triathlon; and, met John a couple summers ago and joined him on some of his high intensity workouts to get a sense of how a competitive triathlete trains.  Since he has been coaching me, he's been great with listening to my goals and forming a plan that tailors to the areas he and I agree need the most work.  He continues to generate new, creative workouts that keep me eager to get after it. John's triathlon experience and level of commitment are a big help for me and, with him, am even more excited to see what I am capable of in 2021!

Jim Dion - New Jersey (M45-49)

I have been working with John in preparation for the 2021 season and his training program really brings into focus critical racing elements and experience to the everyday training regime.  Even within the first couple months of training, I already started seeing improvements across all disciplines.  For cycling as an example, prior to working with John, I did 5 months of minimal power focused riding; but, since we started working together, I have seen massive gains in my 60 minute all time Power Peak with my FTP increasing by 3.5% over my highest output EVER.  For running, I have seen similar gains whereas my pace is getting faster, yet my average heart rate is going down.  All his workouts are new and creative for me in their design and are applicable to different skills needed to be a successful racer.  This is something that motivates me because I am learning something new on a regular basis. We all know that triathlon training can be a grind at times, so it is great to do something new and learn from his vast experience.

Anthony Booth - Australia (M40-44)

I have never participated in a triathlon prior to signing up for IronMan Lake Placid.  I first started training on my own with a very disciplined workout routine that I hoped would lead to the goal of crossing that finish line.  However, after being introduced by John, helped me understand that 1) I had a lot of potential and was selling myself short by setting my goals far too low; and, 2) even though I was pushing myself physically, I was completely missing out on the technical, mental and strategic components of the race that I hadn’t considered. 

Physically, I found that training with John allowed me to blow through personal bests that I never thought were possible. The workouts were purposeful and, although tough, found them to be extremely rewarding and I never felt that I pushed myself too hard to the point where I couldn't continue. Further, when it came to strategizing for training and the race itself, the conversations with John were packed with valuable insight to the point where I wouldn't let him start talking unless I had my note pad in front of me. His knowledge of the sport and his ability to transfer that knowledge to others is absolutely priceless.

With John at my corner, I truly felt that I went into IronMan Lake Placid with years of experience under my belt. Although I was going into a triathlon for the first time, the knowledge, mental strength, and physical strength that John was able to build in me throughout training allowed me to go out there on race day and just kill it while keeping a smile on my face the whole time. I owe it to John for setting me up for success on race day and giving me such a solid foundation in this sport!

Chris Karalis - New York (M30-34)