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Strengthening Those Glutes for Cycling! - Tejal Ramaiya (Body Moksha Physical Therapy in Chatham)

May, 2020 I had a low black episode as a function of stenosis that impacted my biking whereas my right glute was not firing at all causing my cycling Balance to be completely imbalanced (60%L/40%R) and, when walking, was in pain and falling when the ground was unbalanced. Really bad. So last summer, I went on an aggressive strengthening crusade with my Physical Therapist, Tejal Ramaiya who I have been working with since I herniated my disk in 2015.

Through working with her and identifying additional workouts, I was able to, over the course of the summer, get my balance back; then, once I started riding seriously again, was throwing down, surprisingly, given the break from cycling, big numbers.

I learned a lot about how to build glute strength specific to cycling; but, as I am not PT, I asked her if she would put together a video series that shows all the exercises, how to do them correctly, and progress them. So, here is a link she put together into individual blocks so that you can see all the workouts --

1. Core warm up 2. Deadlift 3. Single leg deadlift 4. Split squat and Bulgarian split squat 5. Lateral Toe taps 6. Farmers carry 7. Suitcase carry

Highly encourage taking time to build strength and flexibility.

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