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The Howling - Wolfpack Weekly Update (Week of Mon, Jan 30 to Sun, Feb 5)

Updated: May 15, 2023

HOWLS Howl out to both Spartacus and Warhorse on their performances at the, hilly, NY Road Runners Manhattan 10K where they both nailed lifetime 10K PRs! Respectively, Marko Begonja shaved about a minute a mile off his previous best and is getting closer to going sub-50 and Anthony Booth went sub-45 (7:09 pace)! Truly impressive performances and congratulations on bringing it race day!

Howl out Lethal Weapon who, during Shark Week, amassed over 20,000 yards. What stands out about Eli Madden's effort is that, on Sunday, we did the Wolfpack Master's at Carla Madison pool in Denver where we swam 4,000 Yards. Lethal is normally a 1:45 average pace swimmer when he does his 3K swims and was going to swim in a lane by himself until Beanstalk made him come over. Now, for this swim we held, for the 4K, an average pace of 1:31-1:32. It was a blazing swim for all. What impressed me most was, at the end of this super hard workout, we did a 300 yard swim. Prior to this final 300, there were several 200 yard pull/paddles throughout and, as Lethal doesn't have paddles, to hang on, he was turning himself inside out the entire time. The 300, which Emily and I traded off was where Eli really showed his will. With 5 of us in the lane, he started 25 seconds after the first swimmer left, and the train was coming. But, Lethal held on and kept us from catching him to touch his feet. It really was an impressive swim. However, and "Oh No". Eli cut his hair!!!!!! Howls out to everyone who participated in Shark Week. And, to those who haven't loaded your swim data to Wolfpack 2023 Schedule.xlsx , please do as, when it is all in, I think we will be somewhere between 175K to 200K yards. That is really cool. Separate note to come out on Shark Week final numbers as it officially closes at midnight! :) WEEKLY VOLUME PODIUM Warhorse -- 10:11 (Anthony Booth, throwing down that 5K swim after your 10K run was darn impressive!) Chris Kachinsky -- 10:11 (This includes over 5.5 hours of swim time!) Beaker -- 9:12 (Dan Briner, brings home another consistent week of training! 3 Podiums in a row!) Jiffy -- 8:35 (Matt Lubiak is a crazy fast runner. In the M50-54 AG, when you bank a run like he does, if you can amp up that swim and bike, you are a monster. This week, made me smile, Jiffy got nearly 4 hours of swimming in and 3.5 hours of biking! Skeletor just got worried... :) ) Robin Hood -- 8:33 (After my computer froze doing my Zwift race with Beanstalk, I jumped back on to the ride which Warhorse took over as Ambassadawg for. When I hopped on, I rode with Forrest Dickinson for quite some time. I was darn impressed with how strong he was as he just got his Kickr and just start riding. AMBASSADAWGS I am so happy that the Wolfpack has been able to connect as well as you have. The Slack conversations and discussions are really good as you all have been able to ask questions and get answers from others in the Pack; and, the Virtual Zwift rides have been a ton of fun! I look back at IronMan weekend in Wisconsin as both remarkable performances and the connection of people; and, am happy to say that the fire lit that weekend has continued to grow. I appreciate everyone's efforts to lead different workouts (live or virtual), answer questions people have, and serve as references when new folks are thinking of joining the Pack. I call out Warrior Princess in particular, as Taylor Veranth really brought the Rocky Mtn Pack together with the Sunday Run/Swim combo. Further, each of you have been inviting folks to Virtual rides and please keep doing that as folks will come! :) If you are open to being an Ambassadawg, let me know as it really helps to connect the Pack together. Races/Events -- Please update and add races and events as needed -- Wolfpack 2023 Schedule.xlsx

Catching Up -- If you need to talk, especially the new folks don't hesitate to reachout via text or just call me (312-320-9606) or please use if you want more time to talk. Things are ramping up! :)

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