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The Howling -- Wolfpack Weekly Update (Mon, Oct 2 to Sun, Oct 8)


Howl out to Anthony "Warhorse" Booth and Matt "Jiffy" Lubiak. Both these guys, who are slowly coming out of post-IronMan doldrums, raced the Staten Island Half-Marathon and the Army 10-Miler.

Warhorse has reached a very cool place within long distance training and overall fitness where he has gotten to the point now where he can just sign-up for stuff and have solid days, regardless of the event. When you build up all this fitness over time and start to couple it with targeted strength and mobility work, you can really step into this "feel solid space". His half-marathon time was just a bit over 1:40 which isn't far off his overall 13.1 PR and so impressive as, since IronMan Maryland a few weeks ago, he hasn't really kicked things into gear on his ramp-up to the Philly Marathon in November. Really happy to see this result!

Jiffy, also en route to Philly Marathon, had an absolutely spectacular day completing the 10 miler in 6:38 pace.... Yeah. He placed 12th M50-54 (just a few minutes off podium) which, given there were like 1,500 people in his AG is absolutely amazing! My favorite comment was when he said his legs were a bit tired at Mile 8.5 or so. "Matt, you are a few weeks off IronMan, were running up a viaduct into the wind, and have been running sub-6:40 for 8.5 miles! Duh!!!" :) Impressive day!!!


Get ready to Howl for:

Sarah "Raging Fire" Rossi will be racing the IronMan World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on Saturday!

Andy Solomon will be racing the Survival of the Mills 5 Stage Tri (Run/Swim/Run/Bike/Run) in Waretown, NJ

Remember -- The fall is about running, so finding something to jump into is a lot of fun! :)

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