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The Howling - Bring Your Everyday Beast Weekly Update (Week of Mon, Jan 16 to Mon, Jan 23)


Howls out to Warhorse, Jiffy, and Spartacus for their half-marathon performances last weekend. Anthony Booth and Matt Lubiak, respectively, raced in the New York Road Runner Fred Lebow Half-Marathon in the very hilly, challenging Central Park; and, shout-out to Marko Begonja who had a scheduling challenge leaving him to run his 13.4 miles that evening in the rain on Long Island.

It is very cool to see the progress over time that all the folks have accomplished. There is a lot of effort to get these results, but that's the difference... :)

All their write-ups and pictures are on Slack (see below), so please take a read:

Warhorse Write-up

Jiffy Write-up

Spartacus Write-up


SHE-WOLF PRIME!!!!!! -- 11:43 (Lisa Rosynski getting after it!)

Beanstalk -- 9:21 (Jack Colton always after it)

Beaker -- 9:12 ( Dan Briner is so excited he got a nickname... :) )

Warrior Princess -- 8:48 (I couldn't call Taylor Veranth "Julie McCoy" as the sub-35 crowd were deers in the headlights on that one... :) )

Chris Karalis -- 8:25


Yes, coaching is my full time job; and, thank heavens I can dedicate the time it takes to manage you all on your individual journeys to excellence !

The She-Wolf pack is expanding! I am so glad to welcome Natalie Pitts (Broomfield, CO) and Tara Corduan (Randolph, NJ) to the Wolfpack! Natalie will be with the Timber Wolfpack and Tara will be with the Eastern Wolfpack. Please take a moment to welcome them!


I think we are in need of shedding the fur for a week and would like the week of Monday, January 30th through Sunday, Feb 6 to be a massive swim bolus -- Shark Week! Major awards will be given to the most yardage and most time spent. If you don't want to participate due to inability to get enough pool time, let me know as you'll be in a "off week" or "test week" based upon who you are.


Last week I shared some thoughts on biking:

What the heck is NP (Normalized Power)? -- LINK

How do I use this Bike Trainer thing? -- LINK

What is ERG mode? LINK

However, I want to broaden this discussion a little more.

When we are riding in a group on Zwift, I don't want you to "load the workout" and I don't want you to turn on "ERG mode" .

Here's why. Zwift simulates real riding and allows you to replicate riding outside ( for the most part... ) and all the fun of pushing yourself to your limit.

We turned the rubberband off this morning which led to an interesting ride as Van Wilder and Lethal Weapon "loaded" the workout and took off before we got to the hill which was at 12:30 into the ride instead of 10 minutes. Therefore, Conner and Eli were well ahead of Beanstalk and I before the hill started. Who knows where Robin Hood was... (Sorry Forrest) So, as we rode, Jack, Eli, and I were able to come together and have a bit of "fight club" interval fun, the other folks were too far away to catch-up. So, when we are riding in a group, picture we are outside riding as a group and ride as a group. Point being, afterwards, Beanstalk had his fastest ride up "Road to Sky" as he was fighting with me on those 2x(4x4 minute intervals). Tracking? If you execute these right, you will NOTICE the change outside.

Races/Events -- Wolfpack 2023 Schedule.xlsx i

Catching Up -- If you need to talk, don't hesitate to reachout via text or just call or please use , so I can dedicate time and be at a location where I can take notes and/or start a video if necessary.

Relentless Forward Motion

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