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The Howling: Bring Your Everyday Beast Training Weekly Update (Mon, Jan 9 to Sun, Jan 15)

Updated: May 15, 2023


HOWLS Howl out to Warhorse (2nd Cat C) and Beanstalk (I know you finished but found nothing on Zwiftpower) for their performance on the Zwift race Saturday. However, moreso was the whole interaction between Anthony Booth and Jack Colton prior to, during, and after this race on Slack. Warhorse who lives in NJ and Beanstalk who lives in Colorado have never actually met face-to-face, yet through the connections we have all created vis a vis the evolution of the Wolfpack Community, were able to, through similar athletic goals connect, engage, and push each other that extra little bit that led to a truly fantastic performance on the day and, ultimately, made each other a little faster. (Beanstalk -- Oh, so I want you to sign up for IronMan Maryland and work that course with Warhorse... Just saying... :) )

Howl out to all of you who have worked to engage with others in the Wolfpack; for example, Warrior Princess has done a fantastic job in bringing the Colorado pups together to do, on Sunday's, a 6 am Run and 8 am Swim in downtown Denver. The increase in capability of that group led by Taylor Veranth and her entourage is phenomenal and would have happened through their individual efforts to follow the plan; however, has been exponential as that group truly pulls forward the notion of "I'm In" for people have to commit and show up for these workouts getting that little extra intensity which is the difference you will find you need when we get to the race courses.

Howl out to the pack members who have been engaging with each other, especially, on Slack. I have always believed that there is so much knowledge available to members of a Tri-Club if you engage with others. However, unique to the Wolfpack is that we are all following derivations of the same training philosophy at the core and can get further value in the cross-pack interactions as pack members can provide insights they have learned from their experience racing and those new to the pack, from a training perspective, are pushing themselves beyond, into results, which I so often hear from Wolfpack members, beyond what they ever thought possible. Nothing is funner, in sport, than seeing your training efforts translate to better performances on race day and knowing that those in the Pack are watching that Tracker and cheering.


Congratulations to our Weekly Volume Podium Winners. Frequency, Consistency, and Volume are the drivers of success in this endeavour! 1) Warhorse -- 11:00 2) Warrior Princess-- 10:48 3) Beanstalk -- 10:19 4) Van Wilder -- 8:49 (Conner Franke will be the first Wolfpack member to race a triathlon as IronMan 70.3 New Zealand is coming up in early March) 5) Robin Hood -- 8:19 (Glad to see Forrest Dickinson is back from IStanbul and getting after it!) NEW PACK MEMBER! Please welcome to the Pack from Summit, New Jersey -- Craig Zaleck. Craig will be a member of the Eastern Wolfpack and will be slowly ramping up over the next couple of weeks! THE BOOK OF ELI So, through individual conversations and monitoring Slack and other interactions I get cc'd on, there are certain topics that need further explanation. What the heck is NP (Normalized Power)? -- LINK How do I use this Bike Trainer thing? -- LINK What is ERG mode? NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD! COMMENTS "I'm In" -- As a reminder, "I'm in" is not about saying you want to work hard, it is showing up for workouts. If someone posts an opportunity to train that works for you. Commit and show-up. Our Pack is very big so don't be afraid to coordinate and join workouts. Nothing makes you faster than working with others; so, reach out to the Wolfpack or find local groups to spend some time with.

Moving Workouts Around -- If you need to change a workout for a different day, just do it. You can go into Training Peaks, select the workout, select edit, and just change the date. Unless you are really concerned moving the workout is stupid, you don't need my "permission".

Races/Events -- Wolfpack 2023 Schedule.xlsx is intended to let other Pack members know what other folks are doing so that, in the case, others are participating in that event or are considering an event, they know who else is. For example, this weekend Warhorse, Jiffy (Matt Lubiack), and Spartacus (Marko Begonja) are all racing a half-marathon in NYC. Marko has never met Matt and Boothy, so what a nice way to know who will be there. However, if you are racing or participating in an event, it needs to be in TRaining Peaks so I know you are doing it. It helps me ensure I set your week up appropriately and, when I realize my error, don't have to go back in and adjust everything (Jiffy -- Pointing at you :) ).

Catching Up -- fI have no problem getting calls when you have questions, actually prefer that if you are uncertain of how to do a workout (for example, had a nice conversation with Otto Pilot yesterday, as Trevor Schaefer was, basically, trying to better understand the rationale behind the "Run Strength" workouts. However, sometimes I need to take notes as I am old and forget things... :) , please use , so I can dedicate time and be at a location where I can take notes and/or start a video if necessary. She-Wolf Prime, I thought you'd love this option!!!!! :)

Relentless Forward Motion

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