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The Howling: Bring Your Everyday Beast Training Weekly Update (Mon, Dec 19 to Sun, Jan 1)

Updated: May 15, 2023

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am sure that amongst your list of New Year Resolutions is 1) Training Consistently and 2) Getting to the Pool More Frequently! :)


Howls out to our first racers this 2023 season, Warhorse and She-Wolf, who competed in the Hangover 5K in Westfield, NJ. Anthony Booth placed 2nd in M45-49 (note, after riding 150 miles on Saturday) and Lisa Rosynski ran away with 5th F40-44!

WEEKLY VOLUME PODIUM (Week of Dec 19th to 25th)

Congratulations to our Winners!

1) Forrest Richardson -- 8:43

2) Chris Karalis -- 6:53

3) Eli Madden -- 5:29

WEEKLY VOLUME PODIUM (Week of Dec 26th to Jan 1st)

Congratulations to our Winners!

1) Anthony Booth-- 16:54 (Warhorse decided to knock out 150 miles on his bike on New Years Eve...)

2) Dan Briner -- 6:52

3) Eli Madden -- 6:45


Next Saturday (January 7) at 7am MST, I put together a TT race on Tempus Fugit. 2 Laps, about 20 miles, on TT bikes only -- . Be a good way to get an early season "where you are at ride in"!

I was trying to find a time that would work for all parties but the 2 hour time zone gap is a tough one. If so desired, I could set-up two separate races and compile results, so please let me know if you'd like another option!


As I discussed last week about "I'm In",finding a friend to be accountable with is key to becoming consistent with your workouts. I have been trying to play Matchmaker by finding folks who I think would be good partners and have been working to ensure workouts for those folks are aligned. In addition to our Zwift rides on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, out east, Jimmy and Boothy added another gear to their capability when they started riding together on weekends and, out west, Taylor has done a great job of rounding up folks for a Sunday Run/Swim. I also have noticed that Chris Karalis and Marko sync up for their weekend Zwift rides; and, Matt Fuhr (NC), Will Matthews (CO), and Tony Cohen (NJ) all have Peloton bikes and could sync up for those workouts.

Right now I have these accounted for so folks are all aligned for these workouts.

-- Mon 5:45 am MST Zwift (Virtual) Bike Strength Workout

-- Tue 6:00 am MST Rocky Mtn Tri Club Track Workout at Denver North High School

-- Wed 5:45 am MST Zwift (Virtual) Bike Interval Workout

-- Fri 5:45 am MST Rocky Mtn Tri Club Master's Swim at Denver North High School

-- Sat 7:00 am MST Zwift (Virtual) Bike Ride or RAce

-- Sun 6:30 am MST Run at Denver City Park and 8:00 am at Carla Madison Rec Ctr

So, please let me know if you are able to coordinate with someone else in the Wolfpack so I can ensure the workouts are aligned for the particular day.

Relentless Forward Motion

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