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The Howling (Week of Mon, Mar 4 to Sun, Mar 10)

Updated: Apr 1


At the E. Murray Todd Half-Marathon in New Jersey, Howls out to Andy "The Hammer" Solomon and Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan!

The Hammer's strategy on the last taper day of going to an afternoon get together, eating pot luck, and having some beers came back to haunt him during the race, yet still pulled back together a decent run to come in just over 1:41 with a 7:40 pace.  This was a bit of a bummer, as The Hammer sent me a text dreading the taper, but I told him that you gotta do. 

Then, Saturday rolled around...  Don't feel bad Andy.  In 2020, before the world shutdown, I had Murray Todd on the Calendar.  The night before, we went to the Williams' good bye dinner and Judy Germano showed up with a bunch of Rhone Valley Red Wines...  Needless to say, I didn't manage to wake up the next morning to run in the rain... :)   We'll get that PR next time Andy!

"Yes I Can" both achieved a Personal Record for the Half-Marathon distance and podiumed by placing 3rd F50-54 (just seconds out of 2nd place)!  Very happy for Tara!  She intermittently was battling illness, but, like many, each week has progressively gotten faster.  Then she showed up on raceday.  Shout out to Andy for going back down the 12.6 Mile Mark to cheer her on.  The end of that race has a pace-crushing 2% grade that just completely sucks, so having someone show up to give you that push is so helpful!

Finally, the Murray Todd course is a challenging, rolling hills course and each of them worked throughout the race to pull things back together.  I encourage everyone to leverage SLACK to share your post-race reports.  Everyone struggles through similar issues at races and reading about what one does to work through it is both instructive and interesting.  So, all, please take a few moments to write-up your day.  


Howl out to this week's Volume Podium!

Coincidentally, both Taylor and RJ had the week off and, interestingly enough, both went to the warm weather in Arizona for vacation and amassed a ton of volume!  Nice to see the jump in fitness!

1) Taylor "Warrior Princess" Veranth - 13:51 (Taylor swam 5 times.  We await the hair report!)

2) RJ Boergers - 12:32

and, in preparation for IronMan Texas

3) Josh "Colossus" Hoeft -  11:56

4) Yitzy Sontag - 11:14

5) Jason "Magnum" Smith - 10:44


Get ready to Howl as next weekend is a good one!  

Sat, Mar 16 - Chris and I are racing the Frostbite Time Trial in Fort Collins, CO.

Sun, Mar 17 - Colossus, Eli "Lethal Weapon" Madden, and Conner "Van Wilder" Franke, Kaitlyn "The Dolphin" Buckley, and Chris will be racing the Spring Fever Half-Marathon in Golden, CO.  I'll be doing the 10K.

Sun, Mar 17 - Matt "Jiffy" Lubiak is racing the NYC Half-Marathon!  With Jiffy's previous performances, can't wait to see this come together! :)

2024 Personal Record (3) and Podium (6) Counter

Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan (F-50-54) 1 - PR: Murray Todd 13.1

Adam "The Kaiju" Smith (M35-39) 1 - PR: That Dam Run 13.1 

Eric "Charlemagne" Charlebois (M45-49) 1 - PR: Myrtle Beach 13.1

Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan (F-50-54) 1 - 3rd AG: Murray Todd 13.1

Nat "Legolas" Pitts (F35-39) 1 - 3rd F30-39: That Dam Run 13.1

Christine Kachinsky (F50-54) 2 - 3rd F50-59: That Dam Run 13.1 / 3rd Overall Female: Polar Prowl 13.1

John Bye (M55-59) 2 - 4th M50-59: That Dam Run 10K / 1st AG: Polar Prowl 13.1

Relentless Forward Motion!

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