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The Howling: Week of Mon, Jan 29 to Sun, Feb 4

Howl out to Eric "The Butcher" Gutknecht who raced in the Alley Loop Nordic Marathon which was his first cross-country ski race. Eric's been hitting the snow pretty hard and described this experience as humbling. Whole new world of fast folks!!! HUGE props for getting after something different! :)

Howl out to this week's Volume Podium! (Also, duplicate people - Yes, You, Solomon - Please eliminate all your duplicate entries from Strava, TP, etc....)

1) Josh "Colossus" Hoeft - 10:06

2) Sub "The Torpedo" Tripathy - 9:47

3) Adam "Kaiju" Smith - 9:35

4) Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan - 8:41

5) Eric "Charlemagne" Charlebois - 8:41

Shark Week (Cue Music - Dunh, Dunh, Dunh!!!)!!!!!

Shark Week is upon us and already some excitement.

Six of Eight days count and note that some folks are on different schedules due to travel, conflicts, etc... so they have already started and are a day ahead.

Races - I'll never tell you to not go out and race! Take the opportunity to sign up for early season stuff! Fun! Fun! Fun!

2024 Podiums (2) and Personal Record Counter

Last year, the Wolfpack registered 85 Top Five Podium Performances and 46 Lifetime Personal Record Achievements! Incredibly impressive. If I miss any races, please let me know!

Christine Kachinsky (F50-54) - 3rd Overall Female: Polar Prowl 13.1

John Bye (M55-59) - 1st AG: Polar Prowl 13.1

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