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The Howling: Week of Mon, Jan 22 to Sun, Jan 28

Howl out to this week's Volume Podium!

1) Nat "Legolas" Pitts - 12:06!

2) Eric "Charlemagne" Charlebois - 10:33

3) Josh "Colossus" Hoeft - 9:45

4) Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan - 8:01

5) Adam "Kaiju" Smith - 7:49

Honorable Mention to Sub "The Torpedo" Tripathy who was at 7:41, just off podium. Way to get after it Subs... :)

Next week is Shark Week (Cue Music - Dunh, Dunh, Dunh!!!)!!!!!

Intention of Shark Week is to force a frequency bump which will help you all get that "feel" for the water which translates to more enjoyable swims and a bump in pace.

Rules are simply that, out of 8 days, you get credit for 6 swims. I left 2 open days as a few folks have some monster races coming up and we need those days. And, as I like big swim weeks during recovery weeks, some folks have spin out days on the non-swim days. Further, a few folks have travels, so their swim week window is expanded so they start early and end late as they don't have pool access during their travel time.

Finally, if your shoulder is bugging you, don't be stupid and push yourself and create a repetitive motion injury and recognize the hardship imposed on the ladies due to the excessive chlorine in your hair. Note, Taylor, you have more hair on your head than the collective total of the 45 year old plus, male Pack members...

There will be major awards for the winner/winners.

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