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The Howling: Week of Mon, Feb 12 to Sun, Feb 18

Howl out to our Shark Week Winners!!!!

As a team, we logged in over 200,000 yards of swimming, up from 160,000 a year ago and with one less day of cumulative swimming!!!


1) Andy "The Hammer" Solomon = 26,454 Yards

2) Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan = 25,558 Yards

3) 2023 Shark Week Winner -- Eli "Lethal Weapon" Madden = 18,825 Yards

4) Adam "The Kaiju" Smith = 17,936 Yards

5) Thomas "The Swede" Andersson = 17,725 Yards

The longest swim was Andy's 10,050 (100x100) workout he did!

Will distribute Major Awards soon.  Just gathering them up based upon where folks are located!

Darn impressive effort by the Pack!  Doing these swim bolus helps to get folks more comfortable in the water as frequent high volume swimming allows for one to "get the feel for the water" which is so key to optimizing swim.  Folks often ask why the Swim is so important when it is a relatively smaller part of the events.  In short, it is due to the fact that swimming increases aerobic capacity which rewards your run and it drastically changes who you are out on the bike course with as you end up being out with a better group of cyclists which helps cut down on your bike split.


Howl out to this week's Volume Podium!

1) Josh "Colossus" Hoeft - 12:43 (Prepping for IronMan Texas)

2) Yitzy Sontag - 12:25 (Prepping for IronMan Texas)

3) Nat "Legolas" Pitts - 10:21 (Prepping for That Dam Run Half-Marathon)

4) Subs "The Torpedo" Tripathy - 9:56 (Just Getting After it)

5) Andy " The Hammer" Solomon: 9:48 (Prepping for Murrary Todd Half-Marathon)

Honorable Mention to Eric "Charlemagne" Charlebois (9:22) (Prepping for Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon) and Adam "The Kaiju" Smith (9:10) (Prepping for That Dam Run Half-Marathon)

Happy to see the overall time bar moving up a bit each week.


Get Ready to Howl for Matt "Jiffy" Lubiak who will be racing the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Half-Marathon this Sunday!  About time we got some racing going on as we want to start filling out the PR/Podium Counter!  Very excited to see Matt go after it.


Over the next few weeks will be some more howling!

Sat, Mar 3 - Charlemagne is competing in the Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Half-Marathon

Sun, Mar 4 - The Kaiju, Legolas, Chris, and I will be in Denver at "That Dam" Half Marathon.  Hoping to get more of the Rocky Mountain Wolfpack out for this

Sun, Mar 10 - The Hammer and Yes I Can will be racing the Murray Todd Half-Marathon in New Jersey.  My very favorite half-marathon where, personally, had my first run breakthrough (went sub-7 finally), then a few years later got my sub 1:27 PR (those were the days loooong ago!)  Hoping to see more the Eastern Grey Wolfpack show up for this!

2024 Podiums (2) and Personal Record Counter

Christine Kachinsky (F50-54) - 3rd Overall Female: Polar Prowl 13.1

John Bye (M55-59) - 1st AG: Polar Prowl 13.1

Relentless Forward Motion

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