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Kaitlin "The Dolphin" Buckley Steps to the Very Top of the Podium at Boulder Sunrise Sprint Tri!!!

The highlight of the year has been the Overall Win for Kaitlin Buckley at the Boulder Sunrise Sprint Tri. Kaitlin is an exceptional swimmer and I told her she was likely to be in the top five overall coming out of the water and to perform well on the day, she needed to suffer on the bike during the first 7 miles as it is an uphill slog and remember that everyone in the race is also suffering during that time. She just needed to suffer a little more... :) She ended up putting down the overall fastest bike split of the day and held off the field on the run to win it all by almost 3 minutes, being the only female racer to go sub-1:30 for the race. Calling her after the race to congratulate her for winning her age group, it was then that I realized that she actually won the whole thing! Stepping on the very top of the podium is an awesome experience and so happy that she got to experience that! Absolutely an amazing performance!!!!!!

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