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1st Howling of 2024!

Happy New Year!  

Am very excited to kick off 2024 with the first Howling.  The massive cold snap across the country has been a bit limiting of course, but I applaud the efforts that have gone into the prep work for the 2024 Season!

What has most pleased me about the Wolfpack Nation is that we've been able to create connections across the country and the friendships that have developed between you all, in some cases, with folks who have never physically met makes me smile.  Knowing that, on race day, when you are suffering, knowing your fellow Pack Members are watching you race and yelling at the Tracker for you to pull it together and get after it is a special bond that we have created within the Pack!

New Pack Members

We have three new Pack members who will be joining us this year.  Please take a moment to welcome them!

- Eric Charlebois: Maryland

- Thomas Andreasson: Missouri ( Jason - You have another midwesterner! :) )

- Adam Smith: Colorado

Weekly Volume Podium Winners (Jan 8 to Jan 21)

Each week, I send out a note on who got the most volume in.  As you know Frequency and Volume are our friends and frequency trumps volume, so just consistently getting out there will get you the marginal gains you are looking for.

1) Natalie "Legolas" Pitts - 19:38

2) Josh Colossus Hoeft - 17:04

3) Eric Charlebois - 15:14

4) Tara "Yes I Can" Corduan - 14:13

5) Eli "Lethal Weapon" Madden - 13:11

2024 Podiums (2) and Personal Record Counter

Last year, the Wolfpack registered 85 Top Five Podium Performances and 46 Lifetime

Personal Record Achievements!  Incredibly impressive.  If I miss any races, please let me know!

Christine Kachinsky (F50-54) - 3rd Overall Female: Polar Prowl 13.1

John Bye (M55-59) - 1st AG: Polar Prowl 13.1

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