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The Howling: Week of Mon, Feb 19 to Sun, Feb 25


Howl out to Matt "Jiffy" Lubiak.  At the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon, Jiffy ran a 128:55 (6:40 Pace) to take 6th M50-54 of over 800 international folks in his AG and Overall: 146th of just under 15K.  He was a mere 9 seconds off his PR and just under 25 seconds out of 4th place in AG and he did all this with a pre-race warm-up of walking miles and miles up and down the Vegas Strip the day before...  I know you are all thinking what I am.  You couldn't find a second a mile to PR!  Really?  :)  

Very happy for Matt.  If you recall, Matt placed 10th in AG at Maryland IronMan last year and, since has been rigorously working on improving his swim this preseason and his bike numbers are consistently getting more and more impressive.  All of this is happening while his run is even getting better.  It is cool to see folks embrace the training and progressively work to improve.  Seeing progress like this is why I got into coaching.  Nice work Matt!  Not just, in Vegas, but with everything you are doing.  

Of note, the upcoming age group war at Jerseyman in May between Jiffy, Skeletor, and the Hammer should be a fun one! :) 

Howl out to Eric "The Butcher" Gutknecht pulled out the Cross-Country skis and raced The American Birkebeiner ("The Birkie") in Hayward, Wisconsin (which is notably about 100 miles north of where I grew up in Chippewa Falls (on Lake Wissota where Jack Dawson, played by Leo DiCaprio, in Titanic said he was from).  Second skate ski race ever and darn impressive how he jumped into a new discipline.  Thanks to my nephews Tony and Tommy Bye who, having grown up racing nordic skiing provided guidance on how to structure workouts to help The Butcher get ready!  Although, Eric, can't believe you didn't swing by Yellowstone Creamery in Cadott for fresh cheese curds and then head to downtown Chippewa to have a beer at Leinenkugels Brewery  you really missed out!

Yelp out to my friend, Dan Swenson, who, on a Two Man Team (alternating every 40 minutes), won the Florida 500 which is a 530 Mile Time Trial from Jacksonville, Florida to Key West in just under 27 hours (4 hours ahead of 2nd place).  Yes, WTF!  Nice work Dan! :)


First, completely forgot to drop a note to welcome Thomas "The Swede" Andreasson ("Hell on Wheels" Reference for this wondering, although now that I mention it, that Hell on Wheels name is a good one).

Very happy to welcome Mara "The Monster" Monaco back to the pack for a little bit.  Mara and her fiance (Rob) moved from Denver out to the Pacific Northwest and, as she transferred Boulder 70.3 to Coeur d'alene 70.3 will be running with the Pack for a few months in prep.  Kind of cool though that having Mara joining has the Wolfpack running from Sea to Shining Sea! :)


Howl out to this week's Volume Podium!

1) Josh "Colossus" Hoeft - 13:44 (Prepping for IronMan Texas)

2) Andy " The Hammer" Solomon - 13:33 (Prepping for Murrary Todd Half-Marathon)

3) Nat "Legolas" Pitts - 10:31 (Prepping for That Dam Run: Half-Marathon)

4) Subs "The Torpedo" Tripathy - 9:38 (Just Getting After it)

5) Adam " The Kaiju" Smith: 9:36 ( Prepping for That Dam Run: Half-Marathon)

Really nice to see folks putting the work in.  Especially on the Texa IronMan front as early season IronMan is tough to train for in parts of the country with rough weather climates!


Get ready to howl for Eric "Charlemagne" Charlebois who is competing in the Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Half-Marathon and to The Kaiju, Legolas, and Chris Kachinsky who are racing in in Denver at "That Dam" Half Marathon. 



Over the next few weeks will be some more howling!

Sun, Mar 10 - The Hammer and Yes I Can will be racing the Murray Todd Half-Marathon in New Jersey.  

Sat, Mar 16 - Chris and I are racing the Frostbite Time Trial in Fort Collins, CO.

Sun, Mar 17 - Colossus and Lethal Weapon (and probably Chris and I) will be racing the Spring Fever Half-Marathon in Golden, CO.

2024 Podiums (2) and Personal Record Counter

Christine Kachinsky (F50-54) - 3rd Overall Female: Polar Prowl 13.1

John Bye (M55-59) - 1st AG: Polar Prowl 13.1

Relentless Forward Motion

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